Saturday , 24 February 2018
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Are you aspiring to be a Pharmacist? One that can match international standards and have the capacity to carry out global best practice?
As you may be aware by now, being a pharmacist is more than dispensing a doctor’s prescription. Pharmacy practice has moved far far beyond that era.
Today, Pharmacists must be versatile and well equipped in the knowledge of drugs, BasicMedical practice, pharmaceutical care, health policies and good pharmacy/Business management practices.

A pharmacist must have sufficient knowledge on safe drug use, side effects, adverse effects, contraindications, etc and must also be able to supply relevant information concerning drugs to patients and health proffesionals.

Pharmaceutical care in pharmacy practice cannot be overlooked, it is a patient-oriented pharmacy practice that involves the pharmacist working in concert with the patient/client to provide safe, quality and economic treatment regimen for the patient in which the patient is involved in all the treatment processes and mutually designs a treatment plan with the pharmacist. The pharmacist must do everything within their capacity to provide all drugs, medical supplies and relevant information to the patient and also be able to change, modify, review the treatment plan if necessary in concert with the patient and other health proffesionals.
Communication skills are a must for any 21st century pharmacist as they to bring the best out of the patient-pharmacist relationship and are important for sucessful business deals. Good Pharmacy/Business management Practices must also be part of the packages of an ideal pharmacist.
Pharmacists must also be able to diagnose ailments correctly with proper clerking and the use of basic medical laboratory equipments( also the ability to intepret test results) which will aid in profering correct treatment plans to patients. Information concerning correct dosing, time and frequency of drug administratio, etc and must be at the pharmacist’s beck and call.
Finally, pharmacists must not only be credible in knowledge but also in character that is morally and ethically accepatable. These and many more are qualities and attributes a Pharmacist must posess. As a result, after careful consideration, here are the top 10 schools in no particular order to obtain these qualities of a pharmacist in Nigeria:
1. OAU
2. UI
3. Uniben
4. ABU, Zaria
5. Unilag
6. NDU
7. Unimaid
8. UNN
9. OOU
10. Madona

Sorry if Your School did not make the top 10.


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  1. Kia IUO no make am

  2. Do pharmacists diagnose ailments?

  3. whatz the criteria? quality of pharmacists produced or facilities?

  4. This rating show dis person doesn’t know what he/she is talking about… what r ur parameters

  5. Madonna ain’t supposed to be on this list

    • Oaikhena Ehimen

      Why shud Madonna not be on d list??have u met wt Madonna Pharmacy Graduates??speak wt dem and see wat dey are made of.the Pharmacy profession have cum to reckon wt the quality of our graduates and gradually our graduates are making waves across the country.regardless of the fact that our Pharmacy school have churned out just 4 sets of Pharmacy graduates!!!thank u. I’m a proud Madonna university Pharmacy graduate and i can take on any graduate at my level from other schools when it comes to testing the debt of our Pharmaceutical knowledge and skills .so pls retract ur statement and God bless u!!

  6. I guess the poster finished from O.A.U…..thank God I got my Pharm.D cert frm the best sch eva (…not jst the best pharmacy sch)….. ciao!

  7. Ekperikpe Ubong Stefano

    I have my reservations for this rating of yours . Very few schools mentioned here can withstand Unijos. Kindly give us the criteria you used and reference materials.

  8. I didn’t graduate from UJay but how can unimaid, madona and NDU beat UJay in making it to the top ten? This is obviously someone’s imagination

  9. I gues the person who made this up was sleeping or probably joking with the pharmacy profession

  10. Augustine Ajijelek

    The mere absence of Unijos nullifies your rating.

  11. Rerate them and give reason

  12. madonna,like seriously?

  13. With UNIJOS not on the list,….then its fake cos through out ma research,no school on that list is up to them.
    Am no unijos student but am a proud PANSITE!!!
    God bless the School of Rx

  14. Like seriously Madonna? I have actually worked with a couple of her ‘graduates’ and I can tell u their presence on that list is an insult. And can Swankpharm inform us of the criteria. Unijos is absent? UniUyo that won the PANS quiz competition 2years ago ain’t on d list.
    Is it now about d size of the school n it’s school fees? Or is it d quality of its products? Just asking