Saturday , 24 February 2018
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Top 7 things to do with your internship money

My dear Pharmacist here are a few suggestions I would Advice as per what you do with at least 20% of your pharmacy internship money
1. GET AN INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT – You need to know that the key indication that you want to succeed in life is for you to have an international passport. So, once you get your first pharmacy internship pay, go to the nearest immigration office and get one.They have offices in all the states of Nigeria. A dear friend of mine that works in University almost missed an important course abroad. Luckily for him, he read the
BOOK that talked about the tools of success. After reading it he went and go a passport and by the next week, an opportunity for an international course came his way
2. REGISTER A COMPANY – Take a part of your next pharmacy internship money and go to corporate affairs commission. You will be amazed at some business opportunities that would come your way while you are serving and for most of them you will need a registered company to run them. Most importantly, a registered company that you own creates in you the mindset of someone who is set to become a rich Nigerian entrepreneur rather that a potential medical dispenser
3. GET A DRIVERS LICENSE – I will suggest if you cannot drive that your pharmacy internship period is the best time to go to a driving school so try to use part of the money to attend a driving school to learn how to drive. This is critical because most jobs for young pharmacists these days requires you to have perfect driving skill. For those that can drive, go to the nearest FRSC office and get an authentic drivers license. Kindly note that not all FRSC offices have the equipment to capture your data for the license. Make sure you get the authentic driver license especially if you intend to settle in Kano where its very very expensive to be driving with a fake driver’s license even if it was issued to you by the governor.
4. INVEST IN EQUITIES – A lot of people are scared of the equity market basically because of ignorance. But if you take time to study the history of all successful people, you will understand that the stock market is the surest way to become rich but before you invest your pharmacy internship money in the stock market, I kneel down and beg you to read these two books or the stock market will take any money you put in it and repay you with sorry. The books are FUNDAMENTAL INVESTOR AND SECURITY ANALYSIS both by BENJAMIN GRAHAM WHO WAS THE MENTOR OF WARREN BUFFET. Warren Buffet is one of the top three richest people in the world and he said these books taught him how to become wealthy.
5. BUY SOME DECENT CLOTHINGS – You will need these especially when your pocket starts to run dry during your NYSC
6, GET SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YOUR PARENTS AND THOSE THAT HELPED SEE YOU THROUGH PHARMACY SCHOOL – These need to enjoy part of your pharmacy internship largess so that they can appreciate the fact that their investment is now yielding dividend.
7. SPOIL YOURSELF – If you have something left over, use it to have fun but only after you have done the above.
Muhummad Ashiru B.Pharm

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