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*To be read by pharmacists and pharmacy students ONLY!*

Sadly, a very small portion of the masses out there knows the *difference between a pharmacist and a patent drug dealer!*
This is our fault, yes! We failed to distinguish ourselves, both in our manner of practice and in the zero-level personality some of us present themselves to be!
Just recently, some of our colleagues in community practice faced molestations and disregards from agents of the NDLEA, POLICE FORCE, NAFDAC and other regulatory agencies.
Others in the hospitals are being treated as mere dispensing machines where they are placed in a cubicle to dispense, and not see/interact with the patient they give medicines to!
If the masses are aware of your value, through your PROACTIVE lifestyle, wouldn’t they request for your services? Would the police not be afraid of arresting a bonafide pharmacist?


If you love this our profession as much as you may claim, please pick up a role from the below, let’s lift our “baby” up to stand tall among professions and restore it’s SOCIAL WORTH:

▪ *OUTFIT:* Pharmacy and pharmacists should always appear organized and in good as well as comfortably decent dressing. They should present their environment in a healthy form.

▪ *KNOWLEDGE:* how much do you know, and how often do you study to update yourself; you command respect with the impacts you make. Don’t expect respect because you wear a title “Pharmacist”, but expend knowledge and be respected.

▪ *PROFESSIONAL DUTY:* Note your boundaries; maintain that thin line; dispense complete professional services; begin to ignore the “HOW MUCH” mindset and uphold core patient care.

▪ *RESPONSIBILITY:* Own up to your deeds, especially your every good deeds and ascribe them to pharmacy! …wow! He’s a *doctor*, reply thus: “thank you, but I’m a *pharmacist*” (those of us with PharmD, dispense the spellings of Pharm and attach the D “later”)

▪ *LAW ABIDING:* Respect the law, by understanding it and abiding by it. Where your right is trampled, SOLIDLY challenge it in the law court and NOT just ABSORB and FORGIVE, it kills the profession when we forgive every breach of our professional right; in drops, it makes ocean of insults to the profession.

▪ *SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY:* Different ages should have different roles:
*Elderly/Rich:* give scholarships, sponsor health outreach conducted by pharmacy students, always wear enviable dispositions.

*Young pharmacist:* make best use of SOCIAL MEDIA, those with good pen, pick it, write good notes, those that can act short comic-videos that present our profession in good light, feature pharmacy well, profess the profession, avoid most of the UGLY YOUTHFUL ACTS that are tantamount to staining the pharma-glory, desist from R&G, get equipped with information.
_own a group in the social media where you dish out health information freely as a pharmacist._

▪ *PCN/PSN:* stand up to fight against the following that have killed the image of this profession:
🔸Register and Go MUST be abolished: what makes an outlet a pharmacy should be strictly the presence of a pharmacist!

🔸Pharmacist-sales Representatives should be given SPECIAL NAME TAGS to differentiate them from the non-pharmacists who claim to be pharmacist and commit blunders that are usually ascribed to pharmacy profession!

▪ *PHARMACY SCHOOL:* The pharmacy curriculum should be reviewed to concentrate on it’s real scopes. Pharmacy students should play their individual roles in getting informed/knowledgeable and not wait on ONLY what lecturer teaches!

▪ *COMPETITION AMONGST PHARMACISTS:* It is when we compete amongst ourselves in an unhealthy way that we give room to GREED, a disposition that continues to dampen the PROFESSIONALISM in us while bringing out the devil-driven “HOW MUCH” attitude.

▪ *SUPPORT POLITICIAN-PHARMACISTS:* Getting politically involved will save this profession from most of the unfavorable government policies and deeds that have long truncated the profession like the latest appointment of DG of NAFDAC and other public offices that require a pharmacist to be in charge. We have these politicians as students(a good lecturer should know them and not try to frustrate them out of pharmacy school); those in positions already like *Senator Matthew Urhoghide* should get good appraisals and nicely promoted by us, those aspiring for government positions should be supported both in financial strength and in propagating their goodwill.

With these and many other areas you can modify, I’m optimistic that our profession shall be revived and the society enjoys!


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*Health Medium International HMI*
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