Saturday , 24 February 2018
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Swank Pharm®

The medical world is comprised of many specializations whose importance have been well underrated or totally pushed behind the curtains. PHARMACY is one of these professions and it’s importance cannot be overemphasized

The Birth Of Swank Pharm®

Pharmacy needs it’s own light to shine out, it’s own stage to stand on. It needs most especially to help the masses get a better healthcare. Which would only be feasible if they got better acquainted with their drugs.

Swank Pharm® is here to present a podium where practicing Pharmacists and Pharmacists in-training are kept abreast of events as they unfold in the Nigerian pharmaceutical world. It’s a medium which allows the interested to air their views.

We bring the profession PHARMACY close to you. Lighten things up with a little joke there, a little puzzle here. While hatching out the issues that concerns the heart; our health, our welfare and most importantly laying emphasis on the need to deliver Pharmaceutical care to our patients.

Swank Pharm® is not only for the pharmacists. We implore people who are fascinated by medical events and updates to consider Swank Pharm® as an online pharmaceutical blog that informs the lay-man and intending pharmacists of the relevance of Pharmacy in a team of healthcare service provider

At Swank Pharm®

We are Pharmacists!

We have come to recognize and accept our role as pharmacists

We therefore solemnly truthfully pledge OURSELVES to devote our blog to the service of mankind.

We do pledge to serve directly or indirectly in the team for Health Care delivery.

We will perform our services and duties with devotion, dignity, discretion and honour.

Our colleagues will surely be respected for their opinion and We will feel free in consultation with them.

However, We do consider the health of the patient or patrons above all and will abstain from whatever may be deleterious to their health.

We will also keep in confidence whatever information which directly or indirectly We may have through our professional service concerning the life and health of people.

We will sustain our respect for human life at all stages.

We will not use our knowledge of drugs, diseases and medicine contrary to the laws of humanity.

We will provide such facilities and environment which will enhance the desirable growth of our service.

It is with solemnity and honour that We freely and publicly make these PLEDGES.

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  1. very good contributions u make. were is your premise situated.

  2. Nice work, keep it up.

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