Monday , 11 December 2017
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WHO confirms 10.5% failure rate of all medical products in Nigeria

Share this on WhatsAppThe World Health Organisation (WHO) has issued a red alert saying that an estimated one in every 10 medical products circulating in low- and middle-income countries, including Nigeria, is either substandard or falsified. WHO, in conjunction with the first report from the Global Surveillance and Monitoring System published last week, yesterday, published a research that estimates a ...

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Contrary to popular thinking, cough drugs could be toxic??

Share this on WhatsAppA senior doctor has urged parents not to give kids cough and cold medicines or syrups. Rather, he said, honey and lemon should be used to treat cough. Dr. Oliver Bevington warned that over-the-counter treatments may not work and the ingredients could have side-effects or be toxic in large doses. He also said many cough syrups contain ...

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Vagina ring that provides secret HIV protection for women with cheating partners

Share this on WhatsAppWomen in Malawi have adopted a secret preventive measure against HIV infection from their partners who they suspect of cheating or who refuse to wear a condom. A silicon ring is inserted into the vagina which secretes an antiretroviral drug that prevents the virus from being contracted. A similar size to the contraceptive diaphragm, the device – ...

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