Saturday , 19 August 2017
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Widal test causes typhoid misdiagnosis, wrong treatment

Share this on WhatsAppWrong widal tests have contributed to the misdiagnosis and poor management of typhoid fever in Nigeria, Daily Trust investigations have shown. A medical laboratory scientist, Ndubuisi Ebitea, said the widal test is not a diagnostic test for typhoid fever, and that there was actually an abuse of the test because “it doesn’t tell much, it just tells ...

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Staying free from antibiotic-resistant gonorrhoea

Share this on WhatsAppThe World Health Organization has reported a widespread resistance to older and cheaper antibiotics. This general resistance, is making Gonorrhoea much harder, and sometimes impossible to treat. Developed countries that are able to carry out proper surveillance and research have reported cases whereby affected patients have been given all the known antibiotics, still, the gonorrhoea infection remains ...

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